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4 Helps for A Better Devotional Life

Updated: Jan 10

Your time alone with God matters.

What you do in the secret place is essential to your personal growth and your influence as a Christian. It is the foundation that holds up every good thing in your life, and it is the vitality of your mind and heart. When you immerse yourself into the vast ocean of God’s Word and prayer, your soul is refreshed, and your life forever altered.

  • Trying to turn over a new leaf can’t ultimately change you.

  • Working hard to fit in with cultural trends can’t sustain you.  

  • Living by legalistic standards by just pushing through and doing more will not lead to lasting change.

Only a genuine and wholesome relationship with Jesus and His Word can satisfy your soul. And even though most of us know our time with God is vital, staying consistent is the hard part. Life happens. Tragedy comes. Plans change. And all that we are left with is the guilt of not having an emotional high from our devotions every day. Our perfectionism kicks into our spiritual life, and we just feel like failures. But let me encourage you by reminding you that this life is a walk with Jesus. Sometimes you know where you’re headed and other times you are just thankful to take another step. Regardless, Jesus longs to spend time with you each day and bring you into His presence.

So, what can you do to deepen your walk with Jesus right now, in this season of life? What habits can you implement each day for a full and nourishing devotional life?

Here are four powerful habits that have sustained me throughout my Christian life. I wrote them into the pages of my Bible when I was twelve years old and have shared them with hundreds of people since...


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