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3 Dangers of Pleasure

Updated: May 6

Have you ever really noticed those commercials? What is the imagery they use all the time to get you to buy? It’s usually someone with their hands folded tightly around a warm cup of coffee and a convincing expression of pure bliss as they sit on their newly financed velvet curved loveseat. Or it is someone peacefully lying down on a $4,000 mattress that claims to be the cure-all to sleepers everywhere. Or what about an advertisement for a vacation getaway or grand resort? They say things like,

  • “Your calm awaits here!”

  • “Where happiness begins.”

  • “Where problems are far away.”

Do you know what they are trying to say? “If you come here or buy this, your problems will all go away and you can finally be at rest.” You were made for rest and pleasure. God has ingrained in every fiber of our being the desire to Sabbath—rest. I’m talking about the mentality of Sabbath that refreshes our souls and breathes in the constant flow of Christ’s enriching peace every day. That is what the world is so desperately trying to imitate. And it’s through this God-given desire that we often set our eyes to the skies, hoping the next pleasure will give us a stillness in our soul. Here are 3 dangers of pleasure...

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