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Faith vs. Feelings

Updated: 3 days ago

a business man that is controlled by his fears


"Believe in yourself."

"Trust in your way."

"Take control of your future."

These are all the messages that the business world love to tell you. Although personal discipline and strong willpower are essential characteristics of a successful leader, trusting yourself will get you nowhere fast.

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" (Jeremiah 17:9).

If my heart is desperately wicked and my mind is tainted by passionate thoughts of sinful lust, then why should I trust in myself? The simple answer is that I cannot. I cannot trust myself to make the right decision in the business meeting. I can't trust myself to hold back the passions of my flesh in the wrong places. I must put my faith and trust in a God who can be trusted at all times.

You see that's the wonderful thing about the Christian life. The same way that God saves us is the same way we ought to live our lives; by faith. Paul says, “For we walk by faith, not by sight” (II Corinthains 5:7). Ephesians 4:1 reminds us to “…walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called.” This journey of the Christian life is one step after the other in complete abandon to will and ways of Jesus Christ.

But how can we live by faith when our feelings are so strong? How can we take action when our heart is so confused? Here are four simple helps that will push you into a life lived by faith…

Know God and His Word.

Many people trust their feelings because that's all they know. The strongest voice inside of their head is themselves. It screams to turn to the left or to turn to the right with a passionate disregard of another's instruction. And I believe that many Christians live by their feelings instead of their faith because they simply do not know what God’s Word says.

When we know the truth and promises of God, it anchors us down when the winds and waves of our feelings come crashing in. When His truth holds precedence in our lives, our whimsical spirit of uncertainty fades away into the darkness that it came from, and ushers in the light of His glorious truth.

If you want to be controlled by your faith and not your feelings, educate yourself on what God has said, and tune in to what God is saying to you now. When you know His Word, you will know His will.

Inform your Feelings of the Truth

A preacher friend of mine says that you ought to have two talks everyday; a talk with God and a talk with yourself. Of course, there are those that call us crazy for shaking our head in an empty car or muttering a silent prayer while walking along, but I’ll let their sanity reproach them. These small talks I have with myself each day must be rooted in God's truth if they are going to bring any benefit into my life.

Paul reminds us, “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord” (Eph 5:19).

We also see how “…David encouraged himself in the LORD his God” (I Samuel 30:6).

Yes, does the Holy Spirit comfort us when we are down? Absolutely. Do our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ encourage us when we don't know where to turn? Precisely. But what do we do when all seems silent? We speak the truth to ourselves. We claim the promises of God over what we might be feeling in the moment. When we are settled in truth that doesn't change, it's then that we can take action by faith.

Walk in that truth.

Truth does not win if we choose to not walk in it. Our feelings might beg and plead us to hold their hand and follow but it can only lead to selfish ambitions. This is why the Bible says that the truth sets us free. It liberates our heart and mind to see beyond the clouds of confusion. It is the lamp and to our feet and the light to our path and this path only leads to one destination; the person of Jesus Christ.

If you obey his voice and walk his truth, it doesn't matter what your feelings say.

Wait Patiently on the Lord

A tremendous consequence of trusting our feelings is that we rush to our own destruction. Everything feels right seems right looks right but in the end it was a scurry to nowhere. A path to desolation and fear.

But when we are patient and we wait on the Lord’s calling and condition, we reap the benefits of 1000 lifetimes; a benefit so lasting it is eternal.

Those that make haste to be rich and run to the restlessness of pleasure are blinded to the blessings of godly patience.

Why not trust in something that is greater than me? In someone who far exceeds the expectation of glory and honor. Someone whose heart never changes. Someone whose words are spoken and life is given.

Why not trust Jesus?



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