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Toxic Productivity

Do you find it hard to leave work at work? Does it seem like you work really hard and get nowhere? Today, we talk about some of the dangers of toxic productivity.


What does it mean to be a work-a-holic? "I thought work was a good thing!" It is, but when you put your priorities on what you can produce versus the will of Jesus Christ, it then that you work has become toxic; it destroys the relationships in your life that matter the most.

Hyper Multitasking

We get ourselves into a lot of trouble when we try to do everything all at once. We think we have to experience everything. Go here, do that, see this. We paralyze ourselves by trying to have a widespread menu, while our quality of life is pretty sub-par.

Think about the picturesque teen today. He is sitting in a Lazy Boy, with headphones in and listening to music, playing Xbox with his friends, watching the game on another TV, texting a buddy about the new Star Wars movie coming out, and trying to somewhat psych himself up to do his math homework. Yea, I’m sweating just typing all that out. While we laugh at how ridiculous that sounds, we often do the same thing, just in an adult, sophisticated kind of way. We medicate our restlessness by trying to drown it out with the world’s "go-getter" mentality.

In the next episode, we'll talk about neglecting the essentials (not being a good steward of your body) for the sake of achieving, and one of the biggest enemies of soul rest; hurry sickness.


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