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What Did God Ask of You Last Year?

I love to journal. It has always been a part of my devotional time with the Lord and now has crept its way into almost every other aspect of my life.

If you don’t journal, START TODAY! You will find it is an amazing source of encouragement and strength to go back and see God’s hand guiding you along the way! 

Something that I have come to do in my journal as of late, is to write down questions to myself. Did you know Jesus asked a lot of questions? Of course He never asked a question He did not already know the answer to. 

So why did He ask them? 

Because it prompted a thoughtful response. 

When you write down questions in your journal it will stimulate your mind and hopefully ignite a further conversation with the Lord about the answer. Not only that, but it’s impact will become a timeless reminder each time you read it. 

For example, on October 5th, 2020 I wrote along with my study:

Am I lifting up Jesus today?

At the end of the year, I went back through my journal and reread some highlight moments of what God did in my heart. I reread that question, Am I lifting up Jesus today? And immediately it ignited a fresh glimpse of my relationship with the Lord in that moment. 

Have I done good job of lifting up Jesus?

Has that become something I’ve applied in my life these last few weeks?

The truth that God instilled in my heart in October had become something that I could bring into today. It reminded that God is indeed working in my heart and it drove me to continue to lift up my Jesus!

Here are a few other questions I wrote down in my journal in 2020, either during a message I was listening to or my time alone with Jesus:

  • Am I lifting Jesus up today?

  • Who will I bring to Heaven with me?

  • What will my children say about their father when I am gone!

  • Am I lowly (humble) enough?

  • What am I building? A life or a relationship with God. 

  • Can I truly rest in God?

  • Am I ready to meet God?

  • Am I allowing Him to lead me today?

  • (And too many others to tell)

Can I ask you, questions will you ask in 2021?

Or better yet, what questions will God ask of you in 2021?

The goal is not self-analysis, but that we may show ourselves approved unto God. 

Will you allow Christ entry into the depths of your mind and heart, handing over every lock and key in your life in 2021?

Keep a record of those questions, and I promise it will become a fresh reminder of the Fathers hand later on down the road. 


I’m looking forward to a great year as we study God's Word together! In January and February we will be diving into some simple truths about your devotional time with God. The series will be called “Back to Basic” I hope you will stay tuned into our Readers Group and The Navigator podcast! 


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