WATCH - 5 Things Every Christian Man Should Watch

Someone you love is about to cross the street. They look both ways and continue to the mail box. They cannot see the vehicle just rounding the corner at blazing speed. You are too far away to push them out of the way, so you stand helpless as the seconds turn into years, injecting a range of emotions that words cannot express. What will you do? What can you do?

            Your heart palpitates to the point of explosion, and the pressure builds in your throat like a river’s dam. Cupping your hands around your lips you scream with everything in you, “WATCH OUT!” Your mind races a hundred miles an hour. It is amazing how much of your life you can think of in such a moment of intensity. With rushing thoughts


and with depleted breath you wait to see if your efforts are in vain. For a moment you go deaf and cannot even hear the horn squealing loudly. All eyes are fixed with anticipation as every muscle in your body goes tense. And then…

            Relief! The vehicle hurries by as your loved one stands safely on the other side, out of harm’s way. You go numb as you try to run and meet them. It worked. Your warning kept someone you love out of harm’s way.

            We live in a dangerous world filled with toils and snares ready to trap every weak soul. There is no question why Paul so sternly warned the church at Corinth to WATCH OUT! He was sounding the trumpet, for the enemy was on the rise! He wanted them to know that a life that has been transformed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ will have “many adversaries” lurking behind every corner.

WATCH - 5 Things Every Christian Man Should Watch