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Restless: Finding Rest In A Restless World


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The author did a great job making this book understandable, especially for young Christians. Don’t misunderstand the principles in this book are for everyone!

I especially liked what he said, “When we have substituted the sufficiency of Jesus for the flashy new thing on the shelf, we have believed the lies of the culture and have fallen head-long into a cycle of restlessness...Read more

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I taught English for 35 years, and I enjoy reading. I especially like to read self-help books. Some, however, I never finish or would not recommend. That is not the case with Tyler’s book.
Other than the content being relevant to everyone —we’re all restless in some way—I appreciate his style of writing.
He’s personal. The reader gets an insight to Tyler himself. He’s simple, yet deep. Anyone can understand... Read more

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This is a FANTASTIC study of Matthew 11:28-30! This easy-to-read book keeps the reader involved with both powerful personal stories and foundational truths from God’s Word. “It is only through the parameters of His will and Word that we can satisfy our hearts and truly be happy” (pg.8). If you don’t need it today, you WILL need it one day down the road. So, prepare yourself for the future and read this book today!!

What others are saying...

What is in Restless?

PART ONE - The Reasons for Restlessness

THE DELUSION OF PROSPERITY - These are the lies that the culture has begged us to believe in order to find peace and happiness. Many of God’s children have swallowed up these lies hook, line and sinker.

THE DRIVE OF PRODUCTIVITY - We will dive into the habits of toxic productivity and see how they play out in Jesus’ way of thinking. Habits like:  work-a-holism, hyper-multi-tasking, neglect of the essentials, hurry sickness.


THE DEMAND OF PERFECTIONISM - Are we extremely irritable? Would we rather just do things ourselves so that they get done “right”? Do we have Eternal Syndrome where everything we do must have a strong sense of purpose—no time for recreation? You might just be a perfectionist.

THE DANGERS OF PLEASURE - Some medicate the restlessness in their soul by getting “after it.” But I believe one of the greatest narcotics of inner turmoil is the slow drift of a man in his comfort zone. 

PART TWO - The Remedy for Restlessness

THE PERSON OF REST - Rest is not found in the gains of prosperity, but in the very Person of Jesus Christ.

THE PRIVILEGE OF REST - You can't work hard enough to find rest for your soul. You can't earn enough money for your worries to be gone. True rest is given not earned. 

THE PROCESS OF REST​ - Rest is not found through the legislation of your own rules but by the process of getting in the yoke with Jesus and learning of His meekness and humility. 

THE PROMISE OF REST - Jesus is not trying to trick you. True rest is promised to you. Do you believe He is enough?


Rest starts with Jesus.

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