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Grow in Your Faith, Family & Focus in 2024

How would you like to grow this year?

There are few things on this planet that are as refreshing as watching something grow. Maybe it’s a seed etched into the darkness of the soil and given a little water and sun. Walla! Out shoots from the ground a blossom of beauty and usefulness. Or how wholesome it is to see a child develop in his formative years the admiration of strength and stability.

This time of year, we are resolute in the challenge to bring on new responsibilities and look for ways to enrich our lives. Personally, I love reminiscing of what God has done in my life over the last year. But I realize that I can’t live in my past failures or successes. I must move forward to a deeper walk with Jesus and allow God to enrich the soil of my heart in the coming season! Peter reminds us to give all diligence and to continually add to our faith.

What will you add to your faith this year?

Not what will you add to your to-do list or schedule this year. But what will you add to your faith? It is through our faith that all other facets of life channel through. Without a strong personal walk with Jesus our family will suffer. Without a resolution in our soul to study God’s Word, we will have a hard time focusing in our area of leadership.

So, what can we do to grow in our faith, family and leadership focus this coming year?

1.      Keep your spirit in check

Here’s the reality. You have no idea what’s going to happen this year. For many, that may scare you. The unknown is just that; unknowable. But we can either go into this next year with fear our through faith that Jesus has it all under control.

You can either fear the future or see it as God doing something new in you.

No matter what comes into your life this year, you must always keep tabs on your spirit. A preacher friend of mine gave me some advice last year I hope I never forget. He said, “No matter your circumstances, you are always responsible for your own spirit.” Solomon reminds us to keep our with all diligence. Why? Because out of our heart flows the all the facets of life.


2.      Develop a habit of studying God’s Word

I love reading God’s Word! It refreshes my soul far greater than any other thing on this planet! And what I love even more than reading God’s Word, is studying God’s Word. II Timothy 2:15 says, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

We all know that treasure is never out in plain sight. To reach the precious golden nuggets of God’s Word we must be willing to do a little mining. What will you implement this year to dig into the deep truths of the Bible?

3.      Meet amazing new people

There are not many things that will change your life more than the books you read and the people that you meet. As one author put it, “Life is all about the people you meet and the people you make.” How true is that?

When you befriend someone new and begin to invest into their story, incredible transformations take place; for every person! This is why I love to have guests on the Faith, Family and Focus Podcast. We dive into the lives of some ultra talented people who have walked down different paths of life and allowed Jesus to take center stage in their story. (Fun Fact: Our most downloaded episode of 2023 was with my good friend David Averbeck.)

This year, go out of your way to learn someone else’s story. Who knows. You might become a part of it.

4.      Read life changing books

Books are the vehicles that drive the mind and the heart to express a life of purpose and legacy. What you read is ultimate the direction you will go.

What books will you read this year that will carry you to the place you’ve always wished to be?

If you are uncertain where to start, here are a few of my favorites:

  • 50 People Every Christian Should Know by Warren Wiersbe

  • Revival Today devotional by John Goetsch

  • Revival Today by Scott Pauley

  • A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards

  • William Borden of Yale

  • Dream Big by Bob Goff

  • Love Does by Bob Goff

  • Extravagant: Living a Life of Dangerous Generosity by Brady Boyd

  • Anything C. S. Lewis

This is not an exhaustive list, and I certainly don’t endorse every view of the authors mentioned but that will give you a well-rounded start. Whatever you decide, read the books that will inspire change in your life and captivate your heart to Jesus!

More than ever, I have been challenged to grow in these specific areas of my life and they have truly become the very essence of everything that I write and preach. I want this year to be a year of addition to my faith, family and focus! That is why I am thoroughly excited about the upcoming year for the Faith, Family and Focus Podcast! (Formally known as The Navigator’s Podcast).

Every Thursday, we will dive into the Scriptures and implement the truths that will draw us closer to Jesus. I hope you will join us as we study God’s Word together and meet some amazing friends along the way.

Are you ready to grow in 2024?



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