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The Value of One Soul

I am so grateful that my God is individual. He sought me where I was, met me in my condition and prepared a way that I could escape eternal despair! Praise the Lord for personal salvation!

This same God who saved me as a seven-year-old boy, is in constant pursuit of restless souls that need Him. Oh what thought to ponder that God never stops running after lost sinners that are hopelessly lost without the Gospel!

When we turn the pages to Acts 8, we find God doing just that; pursuing the heart and life of a man desperate for answers. But God does not work alone. He uses His children to bring the message of the Gospel to the ears of lost men around the world. In this pointed story we see Phillip being pulled away from a thriving ministry to minister in the dessert. Notice…

The Place where he was called (v.26)


God called Phillip to “Gaza which is desert.” Gaza was a place that is was desolate and dry; a place where life was scarce.


God will often send His children to spiritually dry and desolate places where there is a great need. This is His purpose. Despite our preconceived notions. Despite the perceived outcome. He calls us to those who are in need. Even the famous missionary, David Brainard questioned his circumstances of where God had called him:


“It is remarkable that God began this work among the Indians at a time when I had the least hope, and to my apprehension the least rational prospect of success.”


Where is the place of need God is calling you? You may be surprised that there could be a great spiritual dearth right where you are. Listen to His Spirit and follow where He leads.


The Person he was to reach (v.27)


God urged Phillip to pursue an Ethiopian eunuch traveling back to his home from Jerusalem. He was a court official who was from ancient Nubia, located south of Egypt. He travelled over 200 miles to worship God in Jerusalem. This is evidence that God had already been working in His heart about the truth. It reminds me that men will go through great lengths to find the truth. How amazing that God accommodated his search by sending a first-class delivery of the Gospel message.


The reality is that there are many people all around us that are going through great lengths to find the truth of God. If we usher them off to the side as inconveniences, we make poor use of the Good News that lives within us.


If you see others as inconvenient, don’t be surprised when they treat the Gospel the same way.


Who is the person God has called you to? Who can you share the love of Jesus?


The Prompting of the Holy Spirit (v.29)


“Go near and join…” There is no doubt of Phillip’s loyalty to the voice of the Holy Spirit. All other voices said that he should stay in the fruitful work of Samaria but the Holy Spirit bid him into the desert and that was the only bidding he needed.


The Holy Spirit takes a vital role in our obedience to the Great Commission. We cannot know the needs of others without Him. We do not have the boldness to proclaim the truth without Him. We desperately need the Holy Spirit to take control of every part of the Gospel process.   


The Preparation of the Divine Appointment (v.30)


God is always working behind the scenes. We saw how God had already been working in the eunuch's heart toward the truth. This is case when you share Jesus with others. God oftentimes has been working in their life for the Gospel’s sake long before you ever speak a word.


“Missionary life is simply a chance to die.” – Amy Carmichael, 1867-1951, missionary to India


The Pivotal Questions


How can I? (v.31)


Many people sincerely desire the truth but do not know how to apply it. They need someone to take their hand an lead them into the way of salvation.


“of whom” (v.34)


All religions hang on this one question – Who is Jesus? Where others stand with Jesus is where others stand with God. That’s why we must preach Jesus. Inside that precious name and story lies the truth that sets men free.


Salvation is traced back to a Person, not a process!


The Pursuit of Discipleship (v.37)


Not only do we see a pursuit of the man’s soul, but we see a pursuit of a man’s service. Phillip understood the importance of urging his new convert to share the good news with others.


This is often missed in our soul-winning efforts. We work hard to reach others with the Gospel but forget that salvation is only the beginning. Discipleship is the goal. To do that, we must be fully invested in the transformation of another’s life. It is time consuming and laborious, but it is simply the work of Jesus.


Discipleship is the goal! Salvation is only the beginning!


There are souls that are dependent on your obedience to the Great Commission. It is so easy for our eyes to become blind, and our ears to become deaf to the hopeless cries of the souls around us. May God help us to keen our senses to the empty hearts of people that are doomed to a devils hell. May we rise to be a Church firmly planted on the foundation of winning the lost to our God, and may we set this Great Commission as a fervent and faithful life-style of our own.

“Only as the church fulfills her missionary obligation does she justify her existence.” – Unknown

“We have all eternity to tell of the victories won for Christ, but we have only a few hours before sunset to win them.” – Amy Carmichael, 1867-1951, missionary to India



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