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Where Christ Longs to Be Born

Jesus in a Christmas manger

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year isn’t it? Everyone seems to be a little more upbeat in their spirit and smiles are the common expression. But I wonder what were the expressions of a young couple, about to deliver a baby--not in a hospital, or a comfortable room, but in a place built for animals.

Imagine Mary’s concern as she begins to feel the pains of birth knowing Joseph is all she has. Imagine Joseph’s embarrassment as he feels as though he has failed his wife in finding a decent stay for the night. But every detail was God’s doing. Jesus was not to come in a palace, wrapped in royal linens. He was not to be given special treatment as the Christ-child. No, our Lord would come to this sin-cursed earth robed in humility and grace and would leave in like fashion.

But why in a stable? Why wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manager (feeding trough)? Because these are the lowly means by which God established His glory. He wishes to come to life in the midst of every humble heart who will take him.

He longs to be born in the souls of men who, in the stench of their sinfulness, have no hope of ever being clean.

As I reflect on the wonders of the Christmas story, I cannot help but see myself as that lowly stable where Jesus lay. I am so unclean in my affections and so useless in my efforts to be something great. But the presence of Jesus makes all the difference! Yes, I have received that babe in the manager as my Savior, but Oh how I need a continual reminder that He is still my King! I am nothing a part from Christ!

So, as the shepherds kneeled on beds of hay before their King—as Mary’s Noel echoed in the wooden stable--so shall this robe of flesh be a house of worship for Emmanuel! There Is Room in my heart for Thee, Oh Lord!

Is there room in your heart for Jesus? Or have you like Bethlehem cluttered your heart with busyness of your plans and dreams this year? I hope our prayer will be in this season;

"O come to my heart Lord Jesus

There is room in my heart for Thee

And my heart shall rejoice Lord Jesus

There is room in my heart for Thee"

(Words and music written by David Averbeck, His Song Publications)

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