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Restless: Finding Rest in a Restless World [ONE COPY]

I was restless. Stuck in a whirlwind of my own making. I thought somehow, some way, I could earn true rest through all my hard work and achievements.


I was wrong.


You can't work hard enough to find rest for your soul. You can't earn enough money for your worries to be gone. You can't just wish away the voices in your head. You can't pack your bags and run from all your problems. The only remedy for your restlessness is Jesus Christ.


In this book, you will discover the beautiful truths of soul rest in Matthew 11:28-30 and how they changed my life forever. Through our journey, we will expose the lies of our culture that rest and peace are found in prosperity, productivity, perfectionism, and pleasure. We will prayerfully listen as Jesus dismantles the lies that the world has told us about rest and gives us the remedy for our aching hearts.

Restless: Finding Rest in a Restless World [ONE COPY]

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