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It’s Time for Some Body Building!

This time of year almost everyone makes some kind of physical resolution. What do you do to stay in great physical shape? Running? Walking? Pumping “iron”?

Whatever it is, it most certainly doesn’t compete with the type of body building we should be doing every day; building up of the body of Christ.

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think about church? Is it prayer, singing, offering, preaching, boring, exciting, or “not for me”?

God does not only require His children to be faithful to their local assembly, but God has a specific function for YOU to aid in building up the body of Jesus Christ.

Let’s look at some specific things the Bible uses to describe the Church so we can be better builders of God‘s work.

1. The Church as a Human Body (I Cor. 12:12)

Every part of your body has a specific function. We as members of the church all have specific functions or tasks in the body of Christ. We are all divinely put together to perform the will of God for His children through the local church.

But those specific functions come with a weighty responsibility. All it takes is one small injury and it affects the whole body.

No one slams his finger in the door and says, “Well, at least the rest of my body feels great.” This is because that one little hurt affects the state of the body. This is true with God’s children. We must never forget that what we do in private affects those that are most dear to the family of God.

What part of the body would you say is most important for survival?

I would say the head is most vital, wouldn’t you? Well spiritually, Christ is the head over the body of His church (Col. 1:18-22). The Pastor is an “under shepherd” to Christ the commander-in-chief. He is the foundation and cornerstone of our faith and with every turn of His will, we should be swift to follow.

2. The Church as a Bride (Eph. 5: 22-33)

We, like a bride preparing for her wedding day, are preparing ourselves for the groomsman (Christ) to return. We must be busy in our Lord’s work, making every moment count for the glory of God.

3. The Church as a Building (I Cor. 3:9-20)

Most buildings are constructed from the ground up. We must be constantly edifying (building up) our brothers and sisters in Christ.

How do we edify? By showing love, meeting a need, verbally encouraging, serving one another, praying for one another.

Which description helps you the most? What is the one thing you can do to help build the body of Christ? Whatever it is, ask God to help you. Then stand back and see God be magnified in the lives of others in your church and community.


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